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My solution to #TheDao impasse.

1. Create a new (and properly vetted, this time) smart contract which will release an agreed and appropriate sum to the hacker. For the sake of argument, let’s say $1 million, which (it could be argued) is a just reward … Continue reading

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The useless Aer Lingus ‘Gold Circle Club’.

If you fly on Aer Lingus and are thinking of joining their so-called ‘Gold Circle Club’ – don’t bother. You will be completely wasting your time. I am (supposedly) a member of the Gold Circle Club and so is my mother. … Continue reading

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Apartheid and Pragmatism

The prominent Irish economist, journalist and author David McWilliams penned a short tribute on his blog to the recently departed Nelson Mandela here, yesterday. The title was: “His pragmatism was the key to building a new South Africa“ Here’s my … Continue reading

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‘Moneyball’ – Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing

Exposing The Myth Of Billy Beane Yesterday I watched the engrossing movie ‘Moneyball’ starring Brad Pitt which tells the story of Billy Beane, the General Manager (GM) of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. This movie was based on a book of … Continue reading

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Organizations as Psychic Prisons

The Organizational Theorist Gareth Morgan first published his book ‘Images of Organization’ in 1986, in which, through the prism of eight metaphors, he attempts to describe the nature and complexities of organizations. A metaphor is a “figure of speech which … Continue reading

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The Psychic Prison Metaphor

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