Apartheid and Pragmatism

The prominent Irish economist, journalist and author David McWilliams penned a short tribute on his blog to the recently departed Nelson Mandela here, yesterday.

The title was: “His pragmatism was the key to building a new South Africa

Here’s my very brief response to that article, where I compare Nelson Mandela’s pragmatism in South Africa to Gerry Adam’s (continuing) pragmatism in Ireland.

Freedom Fighters

“Nelson Mandela fought apartheid in South Africa and won.

Gerry Adams fought apartheid in Northern Ireland – and won.

Both were brave freedom fighters who devoted their lives to a worthy cause.

It amazes me how people in the Republic of Ireland today, both old and young (some of the young being Che Guevara t-shirt wearing liberals – another brave freedom fighter) can’t say Gerry Adams’ name without getting a bad taste in their mouths.

Civil Rights in Northern IrelandIf you deny men and women a right to work and to feed their children (a prominent aspect of apartheid in both South Africa and Northern Ireland) they are going to fight back – they have a right to.

I wasn’t in favour of the IRA in my youthful innocence – now as a mature man and a father, I realise they were right to do what they did.

                                                                          There’s your pragmatism.”

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