Compass Group Ireland – sustainability policy.

I have chosen Compass Group Ireland as the company whose sustainability policy I would like to highlight during this semester’s module MN315: The Sustainable Enterprize.

Their ‘Being Responsible’ link can be found here.

Group Managing Director, Ian Sarson introduces us to the company’s commitment to ‘responsible business’, and presents ‘The Five Pillars of Corporate Responsibility‘ as their method of managing these key issues.

In brief, the ‘Five Pillars’ focus on People (employees), Sustainable SourcingWellness and Nutrition, the Environment, and the wider Community.


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2 Responses to Compass Group Ireland – sustainability policy.

  1. Olly says:

    Nice one Adams. I have to discusss change management and implementation theory in my dissertation on clinical audit so I shall look forward to some future discussions with you about it my friend. Best regards, Olly

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