Designs by Andrea LeBeau (part one)

A friend and former business partner of mine has started a new and exciting business in partnership with his talented wife Andrea. They are based in the US state of Illinois.

Andrea is originally from Hungary and a graduate of “fine art and painted oil on canvas”.

Their enterprise is eponymously titled ‘Andrea LeBeau’ (changed from the earlier version – ‘Designs by Andrea LeBeau’). The company website is located at this link.

They design and produce bespoke accessories specializing in shawls, wraps and scarves. The exclusive and individually-made products are created from premium quality organic fibres such as alpaca, polwarth, merino and yak wools, as well as bamboo fibre and bombyx silk.


At first they intended to sell their carefully crafted wares to customers on a one-to-one basis using direct market techniques through their website over the Internet.

However, they soon realised that a potentially more lucrative approach was to offer the products on a wholesale basis to boutiques, galleries and shops which can then sell to the consumer face-to-face.

To facilitate this strategy properly requires the small company to attend frequent trade, art and fashion shows and to exhibit the attractive products on personalized stalls. This can be an expensive activity in itself with registration fees ranging anywhere between $300 and $3,000 depending on the amount of attendees and commercial exposure possible at any given location.


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9 Responses to Designs by Andrea LeBeau (part one)

  1. jonathan conway says:

    Very informative, I’m constantly amazed how industrious Hungarians are.

  2. jonathan conway says:

    Dallas hmm. Tap into the bullet from a book depository marketing ploy.We kill them good in Texas.

  3. andrealebeau says:

    thanks Adam for the representation! Why don’t you be my sales rep in Ireland?!? You’ve inspired me to start blogging…

  4. andy says:

    nice designs guys, You should get Adam to rep for you!

  5. Vince Brookes says:

    Great stuff, can anyone design a new hair piece for my balding pate!

  6. Olly says:

    Absolutely amazing looking scarves Adams, and love your business networking blog. Andrea these are incredible. If you need a London based contact to further your initiative, look no further! I am also, like Vince, interested in a fashion piece of my balding plate haha!!

  7. amymd91 says:

    Really lovely designs, great blog Adam 🙂

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